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What is this darkness that attracts us, absorbs us and leaves no escape? Is there an answer to the feeling that poisons us in the dark, distancing us from everyone, even ourselves? Is it that we live in the past or that we cannot see a future? „The Cessation“ alludes to the feeling of darkness that many people face in life, it questions the reasons behind this and presents some possible answers. We immerse ourselves in loneliness, sadness and delirium with the aim of investigating such questions, with the intent of talking about darkness.


WHAT IF 2022:

What if we forge multiple pathways with multiple possibilities and therefore multiple realities for each of our actions?

‘What If’ is the possibility of considering those other options, the possibility of imagining those other realities forged by the options that could not be in the time and space we are experiencing, by the options that we did not take, that we let pass or that were not within our reach.


Chiaroscuro is inspired by the works of the Italian painter Michelangelo Caravaggio. Three performers explore memories and wishes from different perspectives, at a distance from each of these moments and their previous or idealised conceptions.

The dance-theatre piece is based on intense debates that aim to understand and show the two faces of humanity. This piece highlights the light and shadow of the human being, in short, the contrasts of life itself.



LET ME TALK is a dance-theatre piece in which the performers, through their movements and voice, narrate stories with children’s gestures, stories of pain, with some feminist denunciations, gender violence, psychological abuse, racism, suffering and loss of loved ones.

Choreographer: Bety Pujol Cajal

Music: Jon Alexander

Streaming musician: Violeta Vicci

Performers: Ivana Oršolić, Soleil Jean Marain, Livia Khazanehdari, Anna Possarnig.

Chiaroscuro Dramaturgy: Dalma Portero & Bety Pujol Cajal.


am 20. Mai 2023 um 19:30 Uhr

Ticket: 22€ (Ermäßigung 12€)







Münzwardeingasse 2a, 1060 Wien

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